As a new term starts, we wanted to say a huge Welcome to all of the new students attending Aberystwyth University, and of course to those returning after spending the summer at home. We’re sure you’re all going to love the next year here in Aberystwyth.

For Freshers, here’s a few tips we’d like to share:

1. Do not get frightened into looking for houses really early on. Unfortunately, a few years ago there was a housing shortage here in Aberystwyth but THAT IS NOT THE CASE anymore. You might hear that 2nd or 3rd years will be out looking for new houses as early as October or November, but if you take one tip away from us today, wait until after Christmas. Now, we’ll be releasing our housing list alongside the other letting agents in October/November, but we’d really rather you wait until after Christmas to sign on the dotted line with your new friends.

2. Do some research when looking for houses – get some questions prepped for the letting agent or landlord, and don’t be afraid to ask them. Things like average bills cost, are bills included in the rent, is there a cap on the bills if they are, which bills are included and which aren’t, what is the move in date and time (and move out), examples of the inventories etc.

3. Make sure the house has the following: HMO licence, electrical & fire alarm safety certificates, gas certificate (if it is gas) and an EPC. Make sure the house and landlord/agent is registered on Rent Smart Wales.

4. Brush up on your rights as a tenant – a new law coming into force September 2019 is the tenant fee ban. So make sure you aren’t being charged for fees which are now illegal, for example charged for creating a tenancy, for going on a viewing, for inventories etc. Rent Smart Wales is a good place to go for this information.

Unsure about anything? Ask the University or send us an email, we’re always happy to help and being transparent is very important.