At this time of year we get a lot of calls and queries about “how summer rent” works. We thought we’d write a blog to explain a little easier how exactly we approach summer rent at Redfern Property.

Let’s say your contract start date is the 10th of June 2019 (our most common date). We will offer a 50% summer rent reduction from 10th June to 1st of September, this applies to anyone not staying in the house over the summer.

If one person on the tenancy wants to stay (for work or for a jolly), then no problem! Only that person will be charged the 100% rent, the others will be 50%.

So, your first rental payment will be due on the 10th of June, the tenancy will likely state four rental payments in the schedule however we are much more flexible in real terms. We know that some people will be able to pay the summer rent in full at the start of the tenancy, whereas others may be working in Aberystwyth to pay the rent. We’re happy to take rent on a monthly, or in bulk basis for the summer months – just so long as we know!

You’ll then be paying full rent from the 1st or 10th of September – however, we know it’s totally unrealistic to ask for this payment before your student loan comes in. Just let us know when it’s due (usually last week in September) and we’ll wait until then for the payment. We only charge late payment fees if we’ve had to make a lot of effort to chase for rent payments, but in the most part this is something we’ve never had to do.

Take away lesson: always keep us informed, and we’ll work around you as much as possible.