As summer draws to a close (shush, not too loud!), we take some time to reflect back on the summer months. Of course cleaning weeks are always busy for us, happening from the 3rd of June and from the 1st of July. We always try and make sure we get in to these properties for final inspections, cleaning and maintenance checks.

Maintenance was top of the list this year for 3 of our houses – all with quite different circumstances. We have one landlord who owns 7 houses in Aberystwyth, and each year there is a set budget for maintenance throughout the houses, as the landlord understands that keeping the property standards up to scratch, will cost less in the long run. So for this year, we’ve had one three full new bathrooms, 2 new shower cubicles, a lot of garden work completed and one house fully repainted. It makes a big difference!

Another landlord came to us with a house that was struggling to rent, and when we took a look, we could see why. The house itself is a great size, with parking and a lovely outdoor space to the rear, but sadly it had all missed out on some TLC over the years. It’s amazing what a paint job and garden clearance can do, and in this case, it’s felt like a house transformation. Sometimes it doesn’t mean costing thousands to redo a kitchen or bathrooms, when a simple refresh makes the house feel like new.

And finally, a landlady who came to us last year. She purchased a house in town last year and we worked closely with her to upgrade the house and rented it through the academic year. At the time, there wasn’t any budget for the garden, which is fine – prioritise the jobs that are important. So this summer, we managed to get into the garden and totally replace it with a fantastic gravel and patio area for our tenants to enjoy.

You don’t have to be a landlord of ours for us to work with you on maintenance – we work with a strong, trustworthy team around Aberystwyth and are always happy to recommend or “manage” your maintenance. Just get in touch for a chat, no obligation.

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