Uni Kit Out

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We’re working with Uni Kit Out to provide you with an easy solution to kitted out your new bedroom when you arrive in Aberystwyth! By teaming up with them, we’ve got a 10% discount code for a range of items and bundles from bedding, crockery, cutlery, bathroom, cleaning products and more!

An idea of what is on offer at Uni Kit Out, but check out our page for a full product list:

  • Combo Bed, Bath & Kitchen packs (for singles, doubles, 3/4 beds and more)
  • Cleaning packs
  • Get connected packs
  • Cutlery packs
  • Stationary packs
  • Laundry bags/bedroom accessories

We’ll also happily accept deliveries on your behalf, so if you’re at home or abroad, you can still order your kit and we’ll look after it for you! Just be sure to give us a call so we can let you know what days we’re around.

Visit our page on the Uni Kit out website: Redfern Property on Uni Kit Out and use this code for a 10% discount: REDFERN16