Many of our readers will know that Redfern Property Management branched out with a new maintenance and development side of the business a couple of years ago. Being flexible is all part of owning your own business, and being able to adapt to your customer needs too. This year, we’ve also added a Cleaning branch to the growing business!

Cleaning has actually always been a part of Redfern Property – especially at the end of tenancies. As the majority of our properties are student lets, we do have affectionately named “Cleaning Weeks” in June and July when our students depart. We head into the houses and clean up to the standard we’d expect to receive if we moved into a new property. So, cleaning isn’t that new to us.

We’d noticed more enquiries from landlords over the past year to clean their properties when tenants left, and it just made sense for us to take that extra step and promote our cleaning services ourselves on our social media!

By now, we’ve already got a number of regular weekly cleans for holiday lets and landlords who come to us for that extra shine once tenants leave.

One of the things we really wanted to be aware of was our cleaning products. After a little bit of research, we were really pleased to come across a new local company based in Llanbadarn Fawr called MôrEco. They provide us with high-level cleaning products that are eco-friendly, refillable and also means we’re doing our little bit for the environment too. MôrEco are really passionate about the natural world and the ocean, so we feel really proud to be supporting not only a new local company, but also an ethical one as well.

If you are a landlord in the Aberystwyth area, or a holiday let owner interested in our cleaning services, then do get in touch! You can also find lots of helpful information about us and our services on our website,