The winter time can have a real effect on the condition of your home, especially if the temperatures are below zero frequently. As letting agents we make sure that we take every precaution to protect our landlords houses, and have a range of top tips for this winter period.

A big problem for houses in areas that are more rural, is water pipes freezing. Not only does this pose problems with water supply, but you can also run the risk of having your pipes burst. Lagging your pipes (especially the plastic ones), will help reduce the risk of them freezing.

Once the autumn has finished and the trees have shed their leaves, look at getting your gutters cleared out. This’ll stop the leaves from rotting and collecting in your gutters over the winter, and potentially causing damage if water collects and freezes because the gutters and downpipes are blocked.

Houses that are rented out must have their gas boilers serviced every year, but there aren’t rules for homeowners living in their own homes. According to Worcester Bosch, 18% of homeowners won’t service their boiler unless it breaks down. We’d recommend annually servicing your boiler, especially before you’ll want the heating on!

Although it might not seem like a nice time of year to spend in the garden, we highly recommend making the most of the autumn period fixing any broken gates and fences and replacing outdoor lights. Not only does fixing your gates and fences mean your property is more secure, but it will help reduce further damage once the freezing weather or seaside gales set in.

Still in the garden, if you have the space to store items, pop your outdoor furniture and plant pots inside, this will reduce the risk of frost damage.

Finally, try and get a quick look at your roof for any missing or slipped tiles. Left too long, this could become a major problem and expensive to repair.