Photography Tips to Market Your Property

A picture paints a thousands words.

It's a very well known saying, and it's very much the same for photographs of your property. You might have a fantastically written description, but at the end of the day prospective tenants are going to look at photos first (and perhaps only).

So, here are some of our tips:

Use a wide angle camera

This isn't about creating an illusion, but better showing off a room's dimensions for your potential tenants. Has that lounge got 2 couches and a table but your camera can only fit in one? A wide angle (and not a fishbowl look) will simply show off the room better. You can tell when the angle is incorrect if the photo looks bowled (thus changing the room dimensions) or even stretched in dimensions.

Standard Lens

Wide Angle

High Quality Photos

A high quality photo will always look better than faded, pixaleted photos. If you're using a digital camera or DSLR then you'll already get great quality photographs - just be sure not to reduce their size too much when optimising them for the web. As a letting agent, our photographs are used on many online portals, so we aim to use photos that are at least 2000px in width to ensure great consistency across the board.

Low Quality

High Quality


One of our pet hates - nighttime photos. You can so easily utilise the daytime light for naturally lit photographs - if you're taking photos in the evening with darkness outside, you're already at a disadvantage and not giving your photos the best chance. Darkness means the camera will struggle to get the correct amount of lighting, and even with a diffuser flash, it's going to make rooms look quite small and dingy. Bright light from outside (but not direct sunlight) will make all of the difference.

Darkness outside...


We've all been there, turn up to take marketing photos and the room is complete chaos. Perhaps this is better than no photo? We disagree. Despite telling tenants to ignore clutter and mess, it's such a hard thing to do when you're trying to imagine this house as your perfect home. Declutter as much as possible - take a few photos, have a look at them, is there a rogue towel? Toilet roll? Bin? Move stuff out of the way until you get the perfect photo!


Less Clutter

Lights On

So many times we see photos with no lights on - why we ask!? You're trying to sell a HOME so make the photos as homely as possible - putting lights on will create a great warm colour in the photos, bedside lamps will create cosiness, the light will also fill those corners from darkness.

No Lights

Lights On

Optimise Your Images

Did you know a camera will always tend towards bluer images? Optimise your images before publishing them online - you can change a range of settings such as temperature (tweeking to be warmer (more yellow), colder (more blue)), vibrance, exposure, brightness, contrast, filling with light (a handy tool for dark corners), clarity, sharpness and many more. We do this with all of our marketing photos for the best version.