Paying Council Tax

If you’re a resident in Ceredigion, you’ll likely have to pay council tax, however there are some exemptions and discounts that we thought we’d share. For full information, please visit the council website here.


Our most common exemption query is for our student tenants – if you’re a full time student then you will be exempt from paying council tax during this time, however you will need to provide the Council Tax department with proof of being a student (usually by providing your student number or a student registration certificate). Beware the period between undergraduate and postgraduate students, as you will be expected to pay council tax if due for those 3 months.


Our second most common query is from landlords with properties that are empty. You can get an exemption in full for 6-12 months if a property is unoccupied and unfurnished. If the property is furnished (namely, a couch or bed) then an exemption cannot apply. You can also get exemptions on properties that are having major works done or are uninhabitable.


For tenants, you are more likely eligable for discounts rather then exemptions:

  • Single occupancy will result in 25% discount – this could also work if you share a house with someone who is exempt (a student, 18 or 19 year old in full time education for example).
  • Are a carer within the household
  • Council tax reduction for low income households

For full information don’t forget to visit the link above, or get in touch with the council for a full discussion.