Over the past week or two, students have been arriving back in Aberystwyth – whether you’re returning for your studies, or arriving as a Fresher, we hope you really enjoy your time here in Aber!

Of course, it’s a bit of a different scenario this year, with Covid-19 meaning there are a lot of restrictions on what would definitely be the normal start to a new academic year – Fresher’s Fair, hitting the town, spending time with your friends across campus. It’s all looking very different.

So we thought we’d share a blog with some of our favourite things to do around Aberystwyth, to help you settle in and also to give you ideas of things to do! Sometimes, you can be so busy with student life, you don’t necessarily get to explore the town!

Food & Drinks

Well to be honest, there’s just so many great places around town we can’t just shout out to one experience here! Depending on what you like, you could enjoy a delicious coffee at Ultracomida, or a relaxed breakfast and tea at Medinas. PD Diner on the prom is also a must if you’re here before the end of October. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining in Aber, whether that is your breakfast, mid morning coffee, lunch or dinner.

Drinks wise, we’ve got a great variety in town, boasting the CAMRA Cider Bar of the Year at Kane’s Bar, as well as two heavyweights when it comes to real ale – Ship & Castle and the Bottle & Barrel. Perhaps you want to enjoy the sunset at the Glengower on North Beach, or sample many of the cocktail bars in town we have too.

More on drinks and we’ve also got some amazing tea and coffee places, especially our favourite Agnelli’s!

Take in the views

So for views, we’d always recommend the short walk up Pendinas or Consti. Especially on clearly days, you can really just soak in the view of Aberystwyth from both sides.

Explore Penglais Woods

Especially in the spring time, when Penglais Woods becomes a field of bluebells, it is just gorgeous. For those of you missing out on nature, Penglais Woods is a brilliant little place just a short walk from campus. Enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility.

Watch the football!

Okay so a little hard with coronavirus meaning no audiences allowed, but usually we’d highly recommend going to watch our local team play – Aberystwyth Football Club.

Local Events

We’re lucky to have some great events in the town too, and we’d always recommend you get involved. AGAIN, who knows what form these events will take because of coronavirus, but here’s our favourites:

Bonfire Night (organised by the Roundtable) – but if the weather is good, head down to South Beach for your own fire too!

Christmas Light Switch On (organised by Menter Aberystwyth) – all day market with entertainment, lantern parade and switching on the lights!

Aberystwyth Farmers Market (Ceredigion County Council) – usually every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Also watch out for the Sea2Shore festival in August and Food Market usually in September.

November Fair – definitely cancelled for 2020, but usually the fair arrives and is on every weekend in November! It’s great fun, even if you don’t go on the rides, wander down for some candy floss, take in the atmosphere and enjoy.

Explore further afield

If you’re lucky to have a car there are lots of places we’d recommend a visit! Especially a walk around the Hafod Estate, a visit to Devil’s Bridge, a day trip down to Aberaeron (you must get fish and chips!).

Hopefully we’ve given you a little idea of what you can do around Aberystwyth during the first few months here! We’d love to know what your favourite things to do are!