Maintenance Reporting

It is your duty and we appreciate that you inform us as soon as possible should a maintenance issue arise. We are unable to act if we don't know that there is a problem, and in some cases the problem might be more serious and might affect the safety of yourselves as tenants within the property.

Where we can we will send a member of our maintenance team out to assess any situation, if it cannot be fixed at the time, we will keep you up to date with any progress (e.g. ordering parts).

In an obvious emergency (for example a fire) please call 999, otherwise, please call our 24 hour help line. We will then be able to advise as to whether or not you need to call the numbers below or if we can send someone out to you.

24 hour help line at Redfern Property07590 478232

Water emergency line: 0800 052 0130

Gas emergency line: 0800 111 999

Electricity emergency line: 0800 052 0400