You may have spotted our previous article about Redfern Property Developments, the maintenance section of our business. We’ve had a busy start to the year so far, with a wide range of maintenance completed – from the standard weekly testings to larger jobs such as replacing a floor that was flooded. As part of our February post we thought we’d share with you some of the maintenance works in Aberystwyth we’ve completed recently.

New Flooring

One of our student properties unfortunately had a large boiler leak over the Christmas period, which resulted in a lot of work once we assessed the damage. The priority of course was to ensure the property was safe for our students to remain living there, and replacing the boiler (don’t they always go when it’s the winter?). This month we replaced the flooring in the lounge where the water had fallen to – we stripped the old laminate flooring away, and then spent some time repairing and replacing any floor boards that had been damaged. Once that was done, we fitted engineered oak flooring, the perfect colouring to compliment the lounge overall.

The new flooring in the property that was flooded

The engineered oak floor


New Tiled Floor

We love the fact that this landlord is constantly looking to improve her student home in Aberystwyth. Improvements don’t need to be huge either, a fresh coat of paint lifted the property during summer 2019, as well as a new carpet in two bedrooms. Over the Christmas period, the landlord was keen to give some love to the porchway – a room or area that barely gets any use of course, but is vital for those first impressions, and for showing tenants that the landlord does look after the property in all respects.

We removed the old flooring in the porchway, and then sealed the floor before applying adhesive and carefully laying the new tiles down. Given that the porchway leads into the lounge, we also made sure to create a safe and secure threshold between the tiles and carpet too.





New Gate

As our Facebook post says, a wobbly gate is no good to anyone! Also, it’s super annoying and just results in less care and attention generally. The landlord of this property asked us if we could replace the gate, so we removed the old one and put our carpentry skills to good use. A new gate fitted and then stained to be more in keeping with the property in general.


It’s not just maintenance…

We can also work on furniture as well, putting to good use our excellent carpentry skills. We created this beautiful European Oak table for a landlord who just couldn’t quite find what they wanted for the basement kitchen. The table needed to seat 6, be sturdy and of good quality, but ideally light so as not to create a dark feeling in the kitchen with large, dark furniture. We really enjoyed working on this project and were very pleased with the end result, which was finished off with three coats of hard wax oil to ensure durability in the longrun, and of coruse give it that gorgeous finish!


Hopefully this blog post shows you a little more about what we can do at Redfern Property Developments, and as we’ve said before, you don’t need to be advertising your property with us either. We can cover all aspects of maintenance and development, with our excellent and experienced team. Just give us a call to chat about your requirements!