We spent some time yesterday, following advice from our digital marketing team – creating a new group on Facebook! The group is linked to our page, and the purpose of it is to provide unbiased and helpful advice not only to our tenants but also to potential tenants or generally those renting their houses in Wales.

Of course should anyone be looking for a property, we can show you some properties off our website, but the main purpose of the group is to create a friendly atmosphere where those with questions about renting can ask. We don’t want a group that encourages bad mouthing of any landlords or letting agents, but we will provide help and advice where we can.

Viewing season is in full flow at the moment, and we spend time to ask our groups or individuals if they have any questions. The questions range from serious issues such as EPC ratings and the law, to how do people collect their post (remember in halls, it isn’t always posted through the letterbox!) – feel free to ask away on this group, treat it as an online forum and hopefully reap some benefit.

So, please feel free to join the group, we hope to see you there and help us build a thriving community.

Click here to view the group on Facebook.