Who knew we’d still be talking about Coronavirus by March 2021? We didn’t think so, when it all started here 12 months ago…  Perhaps during lockdown ‘1’ you were working from home and with the glorious weather we had, you managed to get a lot sorted around the house and in the garden. We saw some great DIY on the social media channels, and even did our own backgarden transformation too! It has been much harder over the past couple of months to carry on with that motivation, but as the sun starts peaking out again – we’re feeling that energy!

Whether you’re on furlough or just finding you have a lot more time at home because of travel restrictions, there are plenty of maintenance jobs you might want to turn your hand to!

Internal Jobs

Have you found that you used to have a huge list of jobs you’d want to do around the house, but now you can’t remember? Well, you could always pick up that paint brush and do those decorating jobs you didn’t have time to fit in before. We’ve found a little silver lining of not being able to have visitors is that there is less pressure to decorate and get the house back in order ASAP now.

Other jobs you could do around the house that won’t take up too much time could be touching up the grout in the bathroom, maybe filling in some dinks and marks on the walls (where do they even come from?), or finally getting around to hanging those pictures up (guilty here, still on the floor March 2021!).

Spring is just around the corner too, you could start by decluttering room by room – don’t set aside the whole day, but cut it down into manageable tasks. If you like a challenge, why not put aside one item a day over Lent to donate to the charity shop? It’s a popular one to do!

External Jobs

Now is a great time to get those gutters cleared, removing all of the dead leaves and detritus that can collect. It’ll also help to clear any blockages as well. We also find this is a great time of year to check the pointing, window seals and any garden walls/gates you might have – make sure it’s all in working order after the cold, wet and windy winter months.


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you might find you can spend a few hours here easily on a daily basis. Over the winter there’s not too much you can do, but we find that this is a great time of year now to start tidying up those beds and borders, and planting the flowers or food for the summer.

Again, take it slowly! There’s no need to feel daunted by it to squeeze everything in this weekend – spread it over a few Saturdays with manageable tasks. We are living through a pandemic remember!