Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to cost the earth, but sometimes we just need that little bit of inspiration to figure it all out! Here’s some of our top tips when it comes to decorating your home, and how you can keep those costs down.

Sometimes the want to decorate comes from being completely fed up with the room. The first thing to do could be a simple re-organisation of everything. Get everything out of the cupboards, declutter, charity shop items you no longer want and then get ahead with putting everything back. Perhaps rearrange where things were, make the room a bit more “feng shui”. You might find that investment of time will save the need for actually buying anything…

Adding some greenery is a great way to help transform a room, not only do they breathe some new life into the room, but they can also work well to complement colours – especially if you are in a student home which might be all beige or white! And guess what, you could even go for plastic plants, there are some great fakes around to buy, so even if you’re not green fingered then you can still enjoy some greenery to lift the room.

Depending on how crafty you are, you could consider upcycling furniture too. We’ve seen some amazing transformations of furniture recently, and if you’re lacking inspiration, check out Instragram or Pinterest. Taking a 1980s side table and sanding it down, adding some new paint and wallpaper under the glass, and there we have it, a completely new item of furniture!

In the same vein, you could also do a similar thing with your kitchen. Even by just repainting the cupboard doors and changing the handles for some modern looking ones from IKEA for a great price would completely change your kitchen. You don’t necessarily need a new kitchen which could cost you a lot. You can even use tools on Dulux which show you what a change of walls or change of cupboard colour would look like!

Another great tip for decorating your house is actually to look at rearranging your room – can you switch it around and then make use of a new coffee table or side table and decorative lamp? How will moving the room around help with lighting? You could even switch things from room to room, you might be surprised at how versatile your furniture actually is!

While we’re talking about furniture, you could think about changing up your accent colours every now and again for that ‘new feel’. So we’re thinking cushions, or throws, lamp shades – easy things that you can get cheaply will change the whole room. Plus, you can keep the other colours for when the season changes.

Now, onto shopping. We’ve talked furniture and upcycling, but what about buying new things? Well, if we’re keeping an eye on the budget we need to make sure we don’t go anywhere too expensive. Check out your local flea markets, car boot sales and antique shops – you could pick up some fantastic bargains and you could also get some pretty unique items too. Again, think about upcycling items as well.

If you are feeling inspired to get decorating on a budget, definitely do let us know on social media, we’d love to see your transformations!