It’s a brand new year, and with that, our thoughts are turning very naturally towards the new decorating trends that we’ll possibly be seeing this year! It’s always a bit muted in the rental world we have to say, but we love a landlord who wants to inject some colour and décor into their rentals!

What trends can we expect to see this year?

Arts & Crafts

Think 19th century, handmade decorative items that add that bit of swish to your bedroom or living room. It seems that the trend for handmade items is hugely on the rise, coupled with…

Cottage Chic

More and more we’re moving towards making our homes more comfortable, with a rustic edge rather than those clean, cold modern lines. Think exposed beams in a modern kitchen perhaps, or panelled walls rather than covering them up! These old features are now marrying very well with modern fittings. Apparently the increase in this trend is also down to first lockdown here in the UK, with people realising that their home comforts ARE important.


We’re lucky to have a couple of vintage shops in Aberystwyth, and it’s just another trend in the décor area – antique, repurposed and retro pieces are all the rage at the moment. I’ve got a few myself! Top advice from décor experts? Build up the vintage scheme slowly, rather than going all out in one go! Add luxe elements too like rich fabrics or statement lighting to really make an impact.

Earthy shades

I think this has been coming in for a while, but 2021 looks to be a big year for those earthy shades of paint – think warm greens and browns, rusts, deep reds… Dulux began the trend by naming its Colour of the Year ‘Brave Ground’, with many other big brands following suit with the earthy feel. What rooms will you decorate in this trend?

Ocean Blues

And yet, on an almost opposite scale, ocean blues have already been named a key colour trend for 2021. The link of nature seems apt, but fresh ocean blues and white walls, creating bright and airy, calming and enjoyable spaces. Sounds perfect to us!


As well as vintage shops, we’re so lucky to have a great range of shops to buy houseplants in and around Aberystwyth too. For those of you who are green fingered, good news – house plants are now fashionable! You can even go retro with 1970s hanging creepers, be creative but most of all, get some of those plants in your house!