Spring cleaning might be over, but for a lot of our properties here at Redfern Property, the end of May and start of June is when the majority of our student properties move out (and in!). For us, it’s always a busy time, making sure everyone has left with all of their belongings, making sure properties are returned to us in good condition, cleaning and creating new inventories for our new arrivals. There’s always a lot to do – but without a doubt, the cleaning is the biggest part.

Which got us chatting in the office, about our favourite cleaning tips and hacks around the house! If you have some, we’d love to hear them.

Between us, we have a few different methods when it comes to cleaning, the most popular one in the office was rotating the cleaning. Rather than setting aside a whole day of cleaning the house, splitting it into smaller tasks – cleaning the kitchen one day, the bathroom another day. Making the task more bitesize. Another way might be to hoover one day, and polish another!

There are always a few tasks in the house that everyone hates, the oven being one of them. So, we discussed the oven at length. We are a fan of the long soak for the racks and a good scrub, but one of the office staff cleans their oven after every use! It did make us think, it would make the job much quicker in the long run, a quick 5-minute wipe down every time rather than a 2 hour haul. We’d love to know your thoughts on that one.

Steam cleaning your microwave is quick and easy, you don’t need to use heavy duty cleaners or abrasive chemical solutions – simply add a bowl of dish soap to the microwave, heat for 2 minutes and leave for another 2-3 to steam the microwave. Wipe down, job done!

Soap and water is all you need for cleaning any stainless steel in your house too – just wash and wipe. Another great way to avoid abrasive solutions and heavy fragrances.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, and mould! Mould is especially prevalent in houses with a lot of tenants, the bathroom gets used a lot more on average, so what are our top tips to help? To be honest, grout cleaner or mould remover are the usual go to for us, and if you leave them to soak a little, you should be able to simply wipe away the mould rather than use any scrubbing. Needless to say, keeping on top of any mould in the bathroom is really key to being able to remove it effectively, especially if you want to avoid the use of bleach.

If your upholstery is looking a bit worse for wear, we have good news for you! This is something we try and do on the majority of our student properties when cleaning: vacuum your upholstery first, and then softly wipe it down with a mixture of soap and warm water. Do this is small sections for the best effect, and then wipe down with a damp cloth.

There are some of our favourite tips and hacks that we use when cleaning properties over the summer, have you got any to share?