The temperature is dropping and winter is truly here (finally, Winter has been coming for a while now…). So what can you do to help keep the house cosy and warm when the celsius hits freezing? We’ve put together some tips and advice:

  1. Love your curtains – many houses, for some unknown reason (because mine is the same) will have radiators under your windows. So shut the curtains and tuck them nicely so that when you do put the heating on, it stays in your house and doesn’t escape instantly through the window! If you’ve got double glazing (and lucky you) then the effect won’t be so noticeable, but with many areas in Aberystwyth having only single glazing then this is our top tip.
  2. Keep an eye on the thermostat – if you over heat your house, even by a degree or two, you’ll want to start opening windows for some cooler air. You’ll spend more money on heating, cooling then heating again. Find a nice temperature that suits you and the house, around 19 degrees perhaps. You’ll often find the thermostat is in a cooler, communal part of the house too, so your main living rooms will heat up faster.
  3. Draft excluders! Get down to the shops and buy a funky draft excluder for your doors – you might not think your house has a draft, but we guarantee this will make a different to your room temperatures.
  4. Hands up who is guilty? Heating is on, there’s a wash waiting to dry – cover up the radiators and dry the clothes! Guilty! Yes it’s an easy way to dry clothes but also stops heat getting your house nice and warm. Invest in a clothes horse and some patience.
  5. Wooden flooring? You’ll lose heat this way, up to 10% apparently – so getting a snug rug is a great idea.

You’ll also notice when the temperature drops outside, your house may get more condensation – a great way to encourage mould growth. It’s common, and to be expected but you can tackle it by being aware of the problem. We’ve written a handy blog on Condensation in the Home which might help!

Oh, and another thing to keep you warm this winter? Hot chocolate ice cream float – honestly, it is gorgeous!