Here at Redfern, we have seen our fair share (and more) of grim houses. It’s not just student houses so perhaps we’ve mistitled this blog, in actual fact it’s probably fair to say that our non-student houses have often been left in just as horrible a state.

Anyway, we thought we’d share some common “student hacks” that we’ve found online. Do they work? Who knows! Will you try them? We hope so.

  1. We all know Coke can clean a penny, so why not clean the loo too? Just pour a can in…
  2. Pop a lemon in the kettle to descale it (although perhaps not so much of an issue here in Aberystwyth, with our water)
  3. Use hairspray to get rid of ink stains (apparently so!)
  4. This one everyone should try – clean your microwave with vinegar. Steam it then wipe away…
  5. Remove grease stains (Lip Lickin’ Chicken…) with chalk!
  6. Use toothpaste to clean glass… and newspaper to wipe it all off
  7. Shoe polish can work wonders when getting scratches and scuffs out of leather furniture
  8. Grater stuck with bits of old cheese (gross), grate a potato through it to get the bits out
  9. Lost the last duster? Use an old sock! Even easier if you put your hand in too…
  10. Clean the white parts of trainers with toothpaste
  11. Get rid of coffee stains with baby wipes (hmm, not sure we believe this one)
  12. Scrub and shower – saves you time and effort!